What's Web Magazine Isis


Environmental NGO Isis Gaia net to suggest organic life and people-friendly Earth is run by.

Started its activities from 1992, it comes from 1999 to 2006, and launched the Organic Life magazine "Isis Rateru", environmental NGO Isis Gaia net has issued.

And in 2010, I have to start WEB magazine "Isis" from July. Is not only a professional writer, volunteer writers across the country to the coverage, and it constitutes an article in Isis editorial department.

Organic "food, clothing and shelter", organic cosmetics, organic cotton, organic restaurant, health food stores, organic garden, fair trade, alternative medicine, etc. work organic, publication contents WEB Magazine of "Isis" is between people and the global environment any it is only the theme you want to cheer the spirit.

For those who want to continue to something organic, even life a little every day, useful information WEB magazine full.

"I want news because there is such a shop in the neighborhood organic", eg, "I want to write an article about the integrity of the forest", interviewed writers who wish to volunteer, too, please call out!